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Just the updates you need on the newest and latest options for relieving pain - acute or chronic, mild or severe. 




We're a bunch of journalists on a mission to educate the public about non-opioid options for pain relief. The more options you discover, the more you can talk with your doctor about -- and the more proactive you can be in your own personal pain management.


  • Wearables, apps, and the "internet of things" that provide pain relief.

  • Virtual Reality and AI based medicine for pain management.

  • News about pain tech on the horizon.


  • New creams, sprays and topicals on the market.

  • New braces, gear, pillows and other products for self-care and pain relief.

  • Pain relief products that people with pain find helpful.


  • New research for ancient methods like yoga, tai chi and meditation

  • New evidence for non-opioid based pain remedies, results of clinical trials, the latest FDA approvals and more .

  • No medical jargon! We summarize the research for a quick and easy read.


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RemedyX has no big company behind it. Just individuals who want to do more to educate the public about non-opioid options for managing pain. Our mission is to provide educational and unbiased information about all available options for fighting pain in the hopes that we can help people become less reliant on opioids, and more proactive in their own personal pain management. If you'd like to partner with us and help us get the word about non-opioid pain management options, please email

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